Portfolio : Past Experience


Link Leadership works with some of the most influential leadership organizations whose communities represent CEOs, entrepreneurs and executives from over 100 countries. Link Leadership clients attract innovators and influencers from the worlds of technology, entrepreneurship, Fortune 500, venture capital, private equity, education, women’s leadership and other relevant categories. Link Strategy Group has a long history of developing strategic alliance programs that are value-driven; provide content, thought-leadership, exclusive benefits and revenue to our clients. Our leadership team is also actively engaged as members of these select organizations.

Link Luxury represents premier brands in travel, fashion, wine and consumer products that cater to an affluent demographic. Our team structures meaningful partnerships and co-marketing relationships for our luxury clients with companies that share a similar brand culture and core customer demographic. These integrated partnership programs deliver access for our clients to highly targeted consumers, create brand exposure, unique customer acquisition opportunities, buying channels and programs, as well as enhance the overall experience for our clients’ existing customers.

Link Sports & Entertainment is comprised of industry veterans that focus on securing naming rights and high profile sponsorships for stadiums, arenas, franchises and other major sports & entertainment properties. LSE also represents innovative companies that are changing the music and entertainment landscape. The LSE team has worked on the forefront of industry-changing sponsorship deals and strategies with, and for, some of the world’s premier sports organizations.

Link Impact works with socially conscious and passionate clients who have developed innovative models for solving the world’s most challenging problems. Beyond traditional philanthropy, Link Impact’s clients are making a difference through the convergence of technology, social enterprise, digital media and corporate partnerships. LSG helps these companies and organizations create unique business development solutions, that enable sustainable growth and a lasting impact.

Link Consulting represents global brands looking to rethink their sponsorship strategy, as well as emerging businesses that are developing their partnership objectives for the first time. With experience working for some of the biggest agencies, sports and entertainment properties and entrepreneurial organizations, our team offers an innovative approach to sponsorship and strategic partnership programs. Link Consulting is focused on helping clients identify their key business drivers, and building a customized partnership strategy that drives measurable business results. Our team specializes in sponsorship strategy, activation, inventory analysis and asset valuation, contract negotiations and integrated programs for delivering ROI. Through our extensive experience on both the property and brand side, we are able to provide strategic insight on how to create sophisticated and innovative partnerships for our clients.